Real Health Insurance

Sometimes, it takes a scare like a cancer diagnosis to get a person to take a serious look at what he or she has been putting into their body. When someone you love is faced with a health scare, you will do all you can to help provide them with a healthy diet.


Health insurance should actually be called Sickness Insurance….because it doesn’t guarantee health at all but guarantees it will help you pay for your medical needs after you become ill.

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Heaped Blessings

We are wanting our business to do more than just support our family. We want to fill your boxes with abundance to overflowing the way God blesses us. We want to do our very best job of growing healthy clean food, at the same time feeding our soil and building a land that our children will be able to enjoy for generations to come. When you are well fed and healthy, then you will be able to go out and serve the way you were meant to as well.

We will be taking names of needy families that we can put on our “needy family list”. These folks would be available for donations. It doesn’t matter if it is a single widow living on a fixed income or a huge family trying to feed a dozen kids. We want to know of those who might benefit from some good home-grown farm products.

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Good Clean Food

Farm Fresh Eggs
Farm Fresh Eggs

Every good chef knows that in order to produce a fabulous meal for a high-end restaurant, they need to begin with the highest quality ingredients. If they purchase cheap ingredients, try to cut corners by getting the lowest priced vegetables and herbs, get their meat from questionable sources, and etc. then no matter how hard they try to create a beautiful dinner, they are going to end up with mediocrity at best, and more probably a lousy meal.

Take eggs for example, when an egg is fresh, the yoke stands up in the pan, the egg-white will beat into stiff peaks quickly and if the hens live in the sunshine and enjoy green plants, the yoke will be bright yellow and be full of nutrients. A great chef will know all this and will insist on getting fresh, farm-raised eggs from a reputable farmer.

Try this test, crack open an egg and drop it into boiling water…if it is fresh, it will do beautiful things…and if it isn’t it will explode into lots of little stringy pieces all over the pot of water.

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Happy New Year!

From Our House to Yours!

We’re going to start blogging here and keep you updated on what we’re doing and what’s on our minds.

Today on Dahlin Farm we are buried in the depths of winter. Our temperatures have been steadily in the single digits with plunges as low as 20 below zero. It’s hard on the animals as well as the people trying to take care of them. But even in this frigid weather, the sun continues to shine!

It is absolutely beautiful outside, and our farm house has many windows to let us enjoy the view when we’re able to stay in where the fire’s crackling. Outside everything is covered in a giant thick blanket that makes the whole world sparkling clean and every sound is muffled to a soft whisper.

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