Good Clean Food

Farm Fresh Eggs
Farm Fresh Eggs

Every good chef knows that in order to produce a fabulous meal for a high-end restaurant, they need to begin with the highest quality ingredients. If they purchase cheap ingredients, try to cut corners by getting the lowest priced vegetables and herbs, get their meat from questionable sources, and etc. then no matter how hard they try to create a beautiful dinner, they are going to end up with mediocrity at best, and more probably a lousy meal.

Take eggs for example, when an egg is fresh, the yoke stands up in the pan, the egg-white will beat into stiff peaks quickly and if the hens live in the sunshine and enjoy green plants, the yoke will be bright yellow and be full of nutrients. A great chef will know all this and will insist on getting fresh, farm-raised eggs from a reputable farmer.

Try this test, crack open an egg and drop it into boiling water…if it is fresh, it will do beautiful things…and if it isn’t it will explode into lots of little stringy pieces all over the pot of water.

You can really tell the difference in a hurry. A Master Chef knows that quality means everything when you’re making a poached egg!

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, there are several farmers who can provide excellent non-gmo healthy produce, meats, eggs, chicken, and dairy products. I know of several in the Spokane area.

Our farm is located between Newport Washington and Blanchard Idaho and we deliver fresh farm products weekly to towns nearby. Oldtown, Spirit Lake, Rathdrum, Riverside and Spokane Valley are a few of the locations that can have access to our fresh produce and meats.

We also will be bringing our farm products to the Farmers’ Market in North Spokane as well.

You are welcome to come take a little tour of our farm here near Newport and see for yourself how your food is grown.

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