Happy New Year!

From Our House to Yours!

We’re going to start blogging here and keep you updated on what we’re doing and what’s on our minds.

Today on Dahlin Farm we are buried in the depths of winter. Our temperatures have been steadily in the single digits with plunges as low as 20 below zero. It’s hard on the animals as well as the people trying to take care of them. But even in this frigid weather, the sun continues to shine!

It is absolutely beautiful outside, and our farm house has many windows to let us enjoy the view when we’re able to stay in where the fire’s crackling. Outside everything is covered in a giant thick blanket that makes the whole world sparkling clean and every sound is muffled to a soft whisper.

I love this time of year! I’m inside planning and dreaming about the year ahead. As I make out my seed order and can almost see the little seedlings coming up in the trays under the grow lights. The tools I got for Christmas are already busy helping me prepare our produce boxes and bee boxes now before we’re too busy with Spring work. My lists grow of the tools and supplies I dream of making or purchasing to make the work load lighter later in the year. I’ll let you know if those dreams come to fruition or turn into pipe-dreams!

Have a great winter! Spring will be here soon. Until then, we’ll be right here working to make the year ahead even better than the last!


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