Heaped Blessings

We are wanting our business to do more than just support our family. We want to fill your boxes with abundance to overflowing the way God blesses us. We want to do our very best job of growing healthy clean food, at the same time feeding our soil and building a land that our children will be able to enjoy for generations to come. When you are well fed and healthy, then you will be able to go out and serve the way you were meant to as well.

We will be taking names of needy families that we can put on our “needy family list”. These folks would be available for donations. It doesn’t matter if it is a single widow living on a fixed income or a huge family trying to feed a dozen kids. We want to know of those who might benefit from some good home-grown farm products.

There are a couple ways that we would like to offer help.

We will have opportunity for you to ‘host’ a family if you would like to help a needy family who cannot afford to buy into our farm-share program, by purchasing a share for them.

Even if a family is not ‘hosted’, we plan to have this list available so they can receive any donated items. If there are any items in your weekly share that you would rather not take home to your families, but add to the ‘needy family’ supply, they will not be wasted, but well appreciated.

Whether you know of someone in your own area and could pick up their share for them, or if the family is located near Spokane Valley where we already have a delivery, or North Spokane where we are weekly at the Farmers’ Market, we can find a way to get the produce to them.

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