Real Health Insurance

Sometimes, it takes a scare like a cancer diagnosis to get a person to take a serious look at what he or she has been putting into their body. When someone you love is faced with a health scare, you will do all you can to help provide them with a healthy diet.


Health insurance should actually be called Sickness Insurance….because it doesn’t guarantee health at all but guarantees it will help you pay for your medical needs after you become ill.

Healthy clean living is really the best ‘health insurance’ in the world.

We raise good clean food here at Dahlin Farm near Blanchard Idaho for folks who partner with us in our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

No genetically modified organisms (GMO) in our food! Gmo’s are organisms that have been genetically modified by scientists, they are organisms not found in nature, and there is no telling at this early stage just how damaging they will prove to be in the end. What we do know of them is not positive and they should not be added to our food system.

We also avoid the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, harmful implants and artificial growth hormones.

We hope to deliver weekly to Spokane Valley and North Spokane as well. If you live anywhere near Newport Washington or Blanchard Idaho, you can come pick up your share here at the farm weekly.

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