Eat Local Food

You hear it all over the place now…it’s the new healthy buzz words.

Just try typing those three words into a computer and see how many links and pages pop up! It’s just wonderful!

Eating locally grown food is a way to increase the economy of your own neighborhood and local community. It helps the small family farm continue as a way of life, and offers the freshest produce to many who would otherwise be unable to receive it.

Farm to Table trends are found all over the world now, and are expected to continue growing because of all the health benefits such a program supports, and there are plenty. If you research the health benefits of eating local food you’ll get a long list of reasons to make that part of your life.

For our own family, our business here at Dahlin Farm is a way that we can connect to others in our community.

Here’s our community in case you’re wondering where in the world we are!

We practice ‘sustainable farming’ because we also care a great deal about the environment, and preserving the health of our land for our children to inherit. We also farm as a way to bring enough money in to our family to pay us for our time, labor and knowledge for growing food for others. But one thing that is often not realized is that we also hope to bless others with our farm products who otherwise would be unable to attain good clean healthy food.

So this is like a circle to us, and when all are working together it is like a well oiled machine….serving and getting to know those in our community, preserving the health of our environment, making a living for our family, and ministering to those in need in the community….this brings us great joy and we hope you’ll be happy to become part of it with us.

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