The C in CSA

Greetings from Dahlin Farm!

I’ve been thinking about the friends that have come around to help us with this work we’ve been doing. I’ve been so blessed to have folks say, “Can I help you with that?” without our having asked them.


Has that ever happened to you? You’re just working along like a maniac, trying to do all the millions of things that need to get done and then, all of a sudden there’s a hand reaching out to help you and then a big weight is lifted from your shoulders that you didn’t even realize was weighing you down.

It was easy to try to ‘do it all’ when I had 6 or 8 or even 15 kids at home….so many of them were little and demanded constant attention, the older ones helped so much that I never wanted to ask them to do any more, and I’d see one of the middle ones standing there looking at me like they just wanted me to sit down, pull them onto my lap and read them a story. If someone said to me then, “Here, let me clean up that mess and put the babies down for a nap, you can go sit down.” That was huge to me.

This is the thing I have found lately in the CSA business. Friends coming along and saying things like, “let me help you with marketing” or “can I proof-read that for you?”, “I’ll feed the hay today for you” or even just asking me “do you want to know what I think?” YES YES YES I want to know what you all think! I can use your advise. My brain gets tired of thinking sometimes too and I just need to have someone tell me what to do.

If I ask, “What do you think of having a ‘farm to table’ dinner sometime later in the growing season? If I get some good positive response and then somebody offers to help with it, well then it isn’t so overwhelming and I feel like it really is a community thing. That’s what I’ve been after all along….a community.

I don’t even mind getting conflicting advise, one person says “that’s a good idea” and the other one says, “that’s an awful idea”(this happened yesterday by the way)….but then I can ask them what’s good about it and what’s awful about it. And I can decide based on more wisdom than just my own.


You still have 8 days to get in on the Early Bird Discount. And remember, you don’t have to pay by then, you just need to get registered. And I know, the registration page has been looking a little confusing lately as I try to refine it and make it easier to understand, so keep checking on it and see it grow up into something just right.

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