A Life of Dying

I’ve been planting seeds lately, and today Theresa helped and planted many more.

What is this crazy thing going on…putting that perfect little seed down into the moist dark soil and letting it die in hopes of a harvest?


Sometimes, I get anxious to see if it’s germinating and sprouting down there, and I’ll gently dig it up and take a peek. At first it gets soft and swollen, like it’s just going to rot away. Then it splits and cracks like it’s going to just break apart. Next the insides start spilling out and then I can see it’s going to grow and live and flourish.

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A Fine Crop of Weeds!

Fertility fit for a fine crop of weeds!

Last year I had a bumper crop of weeds, and so this spring I am gathering my weapons so that they don’t get ahead of me this year.

I recently had our garden soil tested at a laboratory. I had never done this before, but had always added compost and manure and mulch onto our garden year after year.

Since I had a struggle to see my vegetables as overabundant as they had been in years past, I decided to look into things better. Could it be something lacking in my soil? I certainly didn’t know any more than a ph reading; I didn’t know the levels of nitrogen, calcium, phosphorous or anything else in my mulch pile either.

Well, I had a friend who studied agronomy come and read my soil test results to me, and apparently there isn’t a deficiency in my garden soil at all. Everything is looking good, if I add some chicken manure as usual, it will be fit to produce well again.

So what could have been the problem?

The water system was terribly deficient early in the season last year, I remembered. Then I bought a new water pump and we were doing better.

The entire month of July was nothing much but rain and more rain.

The weeds seemed to be doing fabulous, but I didn’t have time to keep on top of them the way I had in years past.

Well, my conclusion is that a few weeds you might ignore, but when they get out of hand, it is too late. Kind of like the weeds in our soul, we need to not let them get a foothold. Once they take over, they destroy what could have been productive and full of beauty.

The way to keep the weeds from our soul, we fill our hearts with Scripture; tools, weapons, and a good war-plan.

I know that to get a good crop of thistles, and weeds, all I need to do is sit back and wait. My soil is fertile and they will grow very well there. Especially as I add a little more manure and compost, water and sunshine.

And so, I am doing the same for our gardens as I would do for my heart. Gathering all the weapons I can think of to prevent the infestation of weeds.

Black mulch, silage tarps, green manure crops, drip irrigation, and tools to make the job easier. This year I am planning ahead and expecting great results!

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