A Life of Dying

I’ve been planting seeds lately, and today Theresa helped and planted many more.

What is this crazy thing going on…putting that perfect little seed down into the moist dark soil and letting it die in hopes of a harvest?


Sometimes, I get anxious to see if it’s germinating and sprouting down there, and I’ll gently dig it up and take a peek. At first it gets soft and swollen, like it’s just going to rot away. Then it splits and cracks like it’s going to just break apart. Next the insides start spilling out and then I can see it’s going to grow and live and flourish.

Bury a stick, a rock, even a cup of coffee, and nothing…no fruit, no growth. But a seed now… when it dies, it will grow into much fruit.

Saving that little seed in the package for years won’t produce anything, and in fact, the older the seed gets, the less likely it is that it will actually produce anything at all, and may end up just rotting in the soil.


I’ve been thinking about that seed in that spot all alone and thinking about the loneliness of death.

But it’s worth the chance, giving up that one seed for the fruit to come. And think about your life…giving of yourself, serving others, sacrificing, living and dieing a little bit each day until you’re all spent up and gone….

But that is not the end….the end is much fruit, great harvest. That is our hope, that is our goal. That is why we plant, and that is why we go on trying to be largely useful, not just a little bit useful…

So you should expect to put out great exertion to serve others, even though it might half kill you.

In the end, it will be worth it.

Here’s the other project going on around here…building CSA boxes. Now you know what that means? We really need some more folks to sign up and join our CSA. If we’re going to make this farm project a reality, we really need 20 produce members, and 10 meat members.


We don’t have near enough and we are praying you will consider joining us.


~If you were a member last year, the good news is, you’ve already paid your membership fee and don’t need to pay it again.

~This year you get payment options that weren’t available last year.

~This year, you can pay ahead for a discount, or sign up for our easy payment plan.

~We can bill you monthly or twice a month through paypal and you can pay with your card.

~Or if you want to pay us directly with cash, check or money order, you will get another discount for ‘cash’ and save the card fee.


Here is the link that should get you to the pdf version of our membership form. It’s SO EASY this year!We think you’ll like the new format.

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