Beauty in small beginnings.


These little sprouts coming up may look like nothing much to you, but to me they are cabbages, and tomatoes and peppers and all kinds of good.

The tiny leaf isn’t quite a carrot, but all the hope of one is there and all it needs is time. Oh, it needs water and food and sunshine, and mostly it needs the blessing of God. Just like we do to become all we were meant to be.

There is a beauty in small beginnings, a loveliness all its own. A full laden apple tree in all its glory is a beautiful sight to see. But an apple tree covered in blossoms is just as beautiful I think.

The farm work continues at a great pace right now as we are gearing up for the season. It will soon be upon us in full earnest and then there won’t be much time for contemplating the glory around us. Hopefully we will never lose sight of it.

Baby calves are around us now, playing and dancing in the barnyard to make us chuckle. After losing a little calf last week, seeing strong playful calves is a pleasant sight.

The snow has almost disappeared completely and though there was a hard frost again last night, day by day the sun is warming the ground a little bit more and changing the world.

Please tell your friends about our farm, we are still waiting for a few more of you to join us in this farming adventure of ours called Community Supported Agriculture. There’s so many reasons to join us:

You will get to

  • Know where your food comes from
  • Feed your family nutritious, pesticide free foods
  • Support your neighbors
  • Eat healthier
  • Feel good

Contact us today and we’ll answer your questions and help you get signed up.

We grow a nice balance of old familiar staples and some new variety crops. We will work with you, trying to make a delivery schedule possible with your location.

We also offer a few working shares, so if you are interested in trading your labor for produce, call us or send us a note about that too and we’ll let you know what’s available.

Until next time,

from all of us here at Dahlin Farm,



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