Playing catch-up

The gardening season is well upon us now and at the end of the day we are completely exhausted and contented! We’ve met some wonderful new friends through the CSA and I expect they will be around for some time to come. Welcome to our farm all of you. And thank you for making this dream a reality for us. We do still have some shares available. Our goal for this year is 20 produce shares, and 10 meat shares. We are almost to our meat limit, but we still have several openings for produce we would like to share.

We don’t mind if you jump into the middle of the season; we’ll be happy to pro-rate your share.

Our garden work is full time for several of us and yet we still are running about a week behind schedule. Part of that is from the long cold spring we had and part of it is just plain logistics trying to farm this much land with limited help. As you might know, we also raise chickens, pork and beef here so we are mighty busy. We occasionally have farm visitors and you never know what you might find us doing…fixing the irrigation, transplanting, trellising the tomatoes, building more beds, weeding, butchering, separating cattle, moving bees or any number of things. One thing for sure, you won’t find us bored and wondering what we can do to kill the time. Even our children, when they get an hour off know exactly what they want to do. I don’t remember any of them ever coming to me to say they have nothing to do.

We’ve passed week 2 of the CSA and I imagine we’re going to make it through week 22 as well.

The peas are a bit later this year; they’ve been growing for many weeks but only started blooming a little over a week ago. Now we are finally seeing little peas. I love sugar snap peas in my salad, or in a relish tray with a nice dip. I hope they’re ready for the next box.



Kale is about ready to make its first appearance as well (since a very naughty cow broke in and destroyed our first planting.) I am looking forward to those kale recipes we shared with you last year. I may have to dig them up and re-print them for you.

Some of you might remember that our son Jonathan met his wife Jessica while attending Moody Aviation in Spokane. Well, they just got to Florida where there is a mission group they are interested in joining.


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