Next year we are planning to make a few changes. These might not be the only changes that take place, but for now this is what we are aiming for.

1: We plan on dropping our meat csa program. We just weren’t making enough money for the extensive amount of labor and time we were spending on raising the extra animals. We were just barely covering our expenses. We will have a couple hogs to sell locker pork by the halves or wholes, and we will have a couple steers that we plan to sell as locker beef by the quarter, half or whole.

2: We plan to secure 24 produce shares on our csa. 12 large and 12 small. We hope we can get people interested and signed up early so we don’t have to find customers when we are super busy with the gardening.

3: We hope to sell our excess produce (that doesn’t go into the boxes) to the Newport Farmers’ Markets on Saturday mornings, (consequently the pick up day for csa boxes is also going to be Saturday mornings so we can still have only one harvest day per week), and any produce after the sale, that cannot be held over will be donated to the local food bank.

4: We really need to hire some farm-help. We would like to see one to two helpers who love gardening and will show up for work willing and cheerful. We need approximately 50-60 hours per week from the first week of April until mid-October. We will pay $10 hour. This can be two people who want to work about 10 hours a week, or one person who can work 20 hours a week.

5: We have a high tunnel greenhouse arriving sometime soon we hope. It should be operational by the end of May 2018 and will greatly increase our productivity with the more tender crops that are usually hard to grow in our northern climate.

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