A new season in my life.

Hello my friends, So…here I am at the turning of the seasons again. I love fall! I’m not quite sure if fall or winter is my favorite season. But this year it started snowing in September and during the first week of October it snowed again. The ground is frozen and I haven’t drained my pump and water lines or gotten all the potatoes and carrots out of the ground yet.

Today I received a request from an old friend and customer to sign up for the CSA. Well, I need to ‘fess up that we are no longer doing the CSA. I thought I had deleted all links to the order form, but she found a way somehow to print one.  (Big Sigh….)

Here is my new life. I don’t do the CSA any longer. I still farm and garden, but it doesn’t look the same anymore…..I can’t tell you all the reasons right now, but I can tell you what it does look like.

We sell all our produce at the local Farmers’ Market. During the week I teach 2nd grade at a nearby Christian School. It doesn’t pay much, but being a farmer I’m kind of used to that! I also raise Newfoundland dogs….you might find that info on facebook at either Dahlin Farm, or Bella’s Newfoundland Puppies.

Here on the farm now its just me and three of my kids who help out part-time. One of them has an off-farm job, and the other two are in school full-time. The rest have flown the nest and are busy in their own lives.

We no longer raise pork, chicken, beef and turkeys to sell…although that could possibly change some day, but for now it is just produce & puppies!


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