What’s New?

Hey there! I’ve been so busy over the last couple year that I haven’t been able to write here at all! I have moved to Idaho!!! Yay!

You might not think that is such a good thing….after all, I did kind of inherit the old place from my family…but, what you probably don’t know is about all the sad memories that we left behind, and about the big house (nearly 8,000 sq ft) of unfinished projects…no glass in the windows, no insulation upstairs, no finished kitchen…anyway, I am now enjoying things that I never had.

A house that is just the right size, I can afford to heat it till it’s actually warm enough for us….there is glass in all the windows, insulation wherever it belongs…ground level farm right out my bedroom doors…I can see the cows from my kitchen window. I am just a few miles from the little Christian school where I teach 2nd grade during the school year. I have not run out of hot water taking a shower, I have a fan over the stove!!! I absolutely LOVE it here! Property taxes have gone from 2400 to under a thousand a year….so much more.

And the SOIL is wonderful! Oh my gosh, I just can’t wait to see this place after I get to play in the dirt for a year or two!

It’s like God has been preparing this place for me for the past ten years.

There is peace in my home…and a little glimmer of hope for joy to visit here one day.

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