I grew up on this family homestead and was gifted it from my parents in 1983.

We raised our 17 children here on wholesome good food. We milked cows, raised our own eggs and fresh chicken, beef, turkey and pork. We canned, froze, dried, pickled and root cellared all that food every year. We made our own bread, yogurt, and much more over the years.

This is a picture of our children standing in our yard, in order of age. (Christmas 2016)


For many years we supplied other families with pastured poultry, beef, and pork. Now we are extending that to include produce, honey and fruit as we venture into the CSA business with our farm-stead.

How we farm

We practice bio-dynamic and sustainable farming methods. This is much like ‘organic’ only with a higher standard than the Government Organic Program demands.

We use crop rotation, plant diversity, beneficial insects and natural fertilizers like barnyard manure and compost. We do not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, preservatives or fertilizers. Our animal feeds are mixed here on the farm using the best ingredients, no GMOs, hormones, steroids or medications.

When we fill our list of available shares, we will close enrollment. Your membership fee will hold your place for the following season. We will let you know when we reach our limit.


Because we are local, if you like you can come and get your hands in the soil, walk the farm, or attend a farm event. It’s not just about the food, it’s what it represents: Community, people, friendships and love. Love for others, for the land, the animals and those who will come after us.

growing food


“Kristi, thanks for meeting me this morning! The onions are HUGE and should last us all winter. The cukes are perfect size and so fresh. Thanks again.”
– Susan Ferguson

“No need for Winco this week thanks to Dahlin Farm. Fresh cucumbers, peppers, spuds, carrots and even a couple honey-dew melons. Not the diet of most college students.”
– Silas Dahlin

“The onions are so beautiful and tasty! it is obvious that they will be good ‘keepers’. do you recall what variety they are? my husband, Alan, says they appear to be a Spanish variety. Irregardless, I’d like to say thank you SO much for saving them for us.”
– Patti Hitchens