“Kristi, thanks for meeting me this morning! The onions are HUGE and should last us all winter. The cukes are perfect size and so fresh. Thanks again.”
– Susan Ferguson

“No need for Winco this week thanks to Dahlin Farm. Fresh cucumbers, peppers, spuds, carrots and even a couple honey-dew melons. Not the diet of most college students.”
– Silas Dahlin

“The onions are so beautiful and tasty! it is obvious that they will be good ‘keepers’. do you recall what variety they are? my husband, Alan, says they appear to be a Spanish variety. Irregardless, I’d like to say thank you SO much for saving them for us.”
– Patti Hitchens


“Kristi and her beautiful family are the real deal . Reading her accounts of daily living are inspiring. She is beautiful from the inside out. Their way of life is pure. Using the natural ways of living.”

~ Gerri Johnson

“Fantastic stuff! Highly recommended. You really can’t go wrong here, whether you get a veggie box, meat box, or eggs. It’s all wonderful.”

~Elias Carlson


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