What is a CSA?

This is an exciting program known as Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA.

Until about a year ago I had never heard of it. I spent my life farming and gardening to feed our large family the best possible farm products.  The concept, though new to me,  has been going on in parts of the United States since the 1980’s.

This is actually a partnership between the farmer and a community of supporters that puts the farmer’s face on the food. It is a way for the consumer to get to know where their food is coming from and how its been raised from start to finish.
It reconnects people with the land that sustains them, and creates dialogue between farmers and consumers.


The Alternative

All of us are increasingly aware that the current farming practices in the United States are not ideal. Huge corporate farms have become the norm in our land.
Agribusiness, with its chemical-intensive, industrialized methods of crop and animal production is replacing agriculture, with its small human-scale, and diversified character and its commitment to place and community.

By supporting organic growing methods that protect soil resources, water quality, and humane animal treatment you are assured of the most healthful nutritious food possible.

Building a link between ourselves and the people who eat the food we produce will help re-establish the role of agriculture in our community.

How it works

At the beginning of the year, supporters purchase a “share” of the farm’s production. The farmer uses this money to cover the cost of seeds, fertilizer, equipment maintenance, labor and produces a healthy supply of fresh food throughout the season.  Members get fresh local produce picked just for them, and an intimate connection to the people growing their food.

When CSA members make this commitment, they are supporting the farm through the season and are sharing the costs, setbacks and bounty of growing food along with the farmer. This mutually supportive relationship between the local farmer and community members helps to create economically stable farm operations in which members are assured the highest quality food. In return, the farmer is assured a reliable market for a variety of crops.

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The Benefits of Belonging:

  • Knowing you have the freshest food for your family.
  • Supporting your local economy.
  • Buying from a farmer who practices sustainable farming methods.
  • Being assured your food does not contain artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, harmful chemicals or GMOs.
  • Having the opportunity to help a local farmer with the up-front costs of growing the highest quality food possible.
  • Ensuring a steady supply of the best farm products available for your family.


Okay, now that I’ve got you interested, I have to tell you that we have closed out CSA. We don’t plan to open it again in the near future. You can still meet us and gather our good produce for yourself at our local Farmers’ Market though so I hope to see you there!


Everything below here is the old stuff we no longer are offering, I’m going to leave it up just so you can see what we did, and see if maybe a CSA would be right for you…enjoy the perusing!


Sizes and Prices

Our Produce CSA shares come in two sizes: Full Share which is our standard sized box and should feed an average family depending on how many vegetables they eat. We are also offering 1/2 Share which is designed to feed a couple for the week.

What we aim for in each box?

  • 8-12 items
  • Salad greens in every box (or Spinach early or late in the season)
  • Two root crops (carrots as often as possible)
  • Herbs
  • One or more leafy vegetable (but we try not to put the same greens in two weeks in a row)
  • Herbs in every box

Share received will be based on available harvest. C.S.A members share the risk as well as the bounty of the farm and will not hold the farmer accountable for acts of God which may damage or set back crops.