Q: So we just saw that the 1/2 share price of produce is not 1/2 price of the full share as is the meat. Was that on purpose?

A: Yes, on purpose. Let me explain it.

We harvest, wash, pack and deliver the 1/2 shares every week, just like the full shares. (so labor costs are nearly the same for full and 1/2) Also the amount of produce in a small share is actually over half of a full size. (for example if every box gets a melon, I don’t cut one in half for a 1/2 share, they still get a whole melon)

Q: Must we come out to the farm to pick up the produce or is there drop-sites?

A: Coming to the farm is certainly a good option for you. It gives you a personal look at what we’re doing. Especially if you have children, they seem to really enjoy seeing first hand where their food comes from. However, we understand that isn’t always possible so we’ve made a couple options for deliveries. Here are our ideas, but know we are willing to listen if you think you have another option that might work for all of us.

~one day a week we will allow on-farm pick ups

~one day a week we will deliver to a local town.

~one day a week (Saturday mornings) We will be selling our produce at the Newport Farmers’ Market in Newport Washington. (we can arrange to bring your boxes into town during that trip)

~If we have 4 paying customers in any area, we will offer a ‘working-share’ to the 5th customer (free produce share in exchange for work) the work involved would be coming to the farm on the chosen day of the week, picking up and delivering boxes to a drop-site in that particular location. This has been one of the best things we’ve done to help reach those living further out.

Q: Would you consider adding additional drop-sites to your list?

A: Yes, if there are enough interested share-members. Please read the last point, above.

Q: What about ’empty nester’s’ like us? Will it be too much produce for us?

A: We are going to offer two sizes of boxes, one that will be just right for a smaller family like yours, and one to feed a family of 4-6 depending on how well they eat their vegetables! You can find more about that here.

Q: What if we don’t like the types of vegetables we get in our box?

A: First, we recommend you give it an honest try. We can help you find recipes and ways to cook it. Often other shareholders will have great ideas for preparation too.

If you still don’t like it, see if there’s another shareholder who might trade you for something else.

Lastly, you can always leave it for donation to a local needy family or the local food bank. If you know of a family that you would like to see on our list of ‘needy families’ you should let us know.

Also we will be sending you weekly recipes with health tips and other information from our own certified health coach, telling you about the different items in your box, offering different ways to cook and store them.

Q: What if I’m not able to get my box one week?

A: We recommend that you try to get a friend to pick up for you. Especially if it is a produce box, as it is quite perishable. If you cannot find someone to pick up for you, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made for a different pick-up time. If you do not make prior arrangements, and your box is not picked up, you agree that the contents will be donated to a needy local family or given to the local food bank.

Q: How do I become a member shareholder?

A: Every new member makes a one time payment of $50. This is your membership fee and covers your wood crate (one is yours to keep and you will exchange it each week for a full one.)

Next look over the different sizes of boxes on the “products” page. When you’ve just about decided what you want to sign up for, then go to the “membership” page and you will find a link to an order form in pdf format that you will have to print, fill out and mail to us.

Q: What are the share sizes, prices and how do I pay?

A: We offer two sizes for produce; 1/2 share which is enough for a couple or a small family. And Full Share which should feed an average sized family for a week.

You can pay for the shares in several ways;

1- pay the entire amount when you sign up.

2- pay the membership fee when you sign up and follow our payment plan.

3- Notice there is a discount for pre-payment that can lower your total amount due.

Read the ‘membership’ page to find out more about pricing, payment plans, and discounts.

Q: Can I visit the farm?

A: We definitely encourage visits! We feel it is important that people connect to the land that feeds them, so you are welcome to come. We are a working farm however, and are not always available to show you around. Call to let us know if you want to arrange for a visit.

Feel free to e-mail your questions to dahlinfarm@gmail.com or ask us on Facebook and we will be happy to answer the best we can!

**e-mail us your questions to dahlinfarm@gmail.com and we will try to answer them*